Brian Huddleston: Videos

I've been making videos with my MiniDV camcorder and Adobe Premiere since 2002. I've recently started compressing these and loading them on Vimeo.Com and Google Videos, which are two of the best video sharing sites I've found for people creating original content (as opposed to massively violating copyright interests).

Click on the images or the links below to view them:

Travel Commercial
A short "commercial" I made to entice my wife's family to come visit us.

New Orleans: New Year's Eve 2002
A great tradition in this one old New Orleans' neighbordhood.

The Uncle Brian Show
A fourteen minute video I made for my wife's neices so that they could have their own personalized kids' TV show starring yours truly.

Christo's Gates of Central Park
Christo's installation in Central Park, February 2005.

The Attack of the Evergreen Mountain Gulch Monster
A seven-minute monster movie I made with my in-laws for their granddaughters.

Alex Is Three!!!
Alex turns three! The highlight of this video comes at 6:30 or so when Alex bitch-slaps a baby.

The Hank Dog Chronicles
Featuring random footage of Hank!

Little Bit: The Way We Were
A neighbor needed us to baby-sit this little kitten for a week, and I made this video because I knew we would miss her so much.

Rankin Family Documentary
A thirty-minute documentary about my maternal grandparents and that side of my family.

Robin's 40th Birthday Party
We surprised our good friend Robin with a birthday party when she turned 40, and here is the video.

Labor Day 2002: The Great
Mississippi Heritage Tour

Travel footage of southern Mississippi from 2002.

Arkansas Road Trip
And more travel videos, from Arkansas AND Mississippi.

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